how to get repeat prescription online

How to Request an Online Repeat Prescription: A Step-by-Step Process

Technology is faster, more efficient, and an easy process to get things done. The advantage of the use of technology is in the healthcare industry. This is why getting a repeat prescription online is more convenient.

Let us understand more about prescriptions and how to get a repeat prescription online. So, whether you are trying to visit a doctor or want to get a repeat prescription for your medication, technology offers the opportunity to do it all right at home.

What is an Electronic Prescription? 

It’s the digital counterpart of a traditional paper prescription, offering a secure and convenient option. When you require a prescription, your healthcare provider can provide it electronically. All pharmacies in Australia can process and fulfill electronic prescriptions seamlessly.

How to Get a Repeat Prescription Online?

These are the steps to understanding how to get a repeat prescription online.

Visit Your Doctor

You typically need to visit your doctor to get a repeat prescription online. If you have an ongoing medical condition and your doctor agrees that you can have repeat prescriptions, they will prescribe multiple repeats.

If you cannot visit a doctor or want a repeat prescription immediately, you can take a questionnaire online to provide a detailed history to the doctor and then speak to the doctor in a telehealth consultation and get your prescription delivered instantly.

Complete a Questionnaire

If you want to skip the wait time of in-office visits, you can get a repeat prescription online. The first step towards obtaining it is to complete a questionnaire online for specific prescriptions.

Once completed, your doctor will review and have a telehealth consult with you, after which the doctor will send your E-scripts directly to your device.

Discuss alternative options with your healthcare provider if you don’t have a mobile device.

At Panraa Clinics, we provide refill prescriptions for the medicines you are already on.

E.g., High blood pressure medications, Asthma inhalers, COPD inhalers, Diabetes medications, Cholesterol medications, Gout medications, heartburn medications, steroid creams and ointments, Acne and rosacea, antidepressants (SSRI, thyroxine Blood thinners, and many more.

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Do You Need a Prescription Refill?

Get a quick repeat prescription online from our licensed AHPRA doctors.

Submit a Repeat Script Request
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Do You Need a Prescription Refill?

Get a quick repeat prescription online from our licensed AHPRA doctors.

Submit a Repeat Script Request

Collect Your Medication from the Pharmacy

Visit your chosen pharmacy and present your prescription. The pharmacy will provide your medication.

You can go to any pharmacy in Australia to get your medication, not just the one closest to your doctor.

Maintain Pharmacy Records

If you’ve filled prescriptions at the same pharmacy before, they may have your information on file, making the process smoother.

Take a Medicare or Private Health Insurance

Ensure you have your Medicare card or private health insurance details, as this can affect the cost of your prescription.  Please note that e-scripts can only be issued to Medicare cardholders in Australia.

Pharmacy Benefit Scheme (PBS)

Many medications in Australia are subsidized through the PBS, which means you’ll pay a lower cost for your prescription.

If your medication is on PBS, you’ll be charged the PBS co-payment amount. If it’s not on PBS, you may pay the total cost.

Choose a Delivery Service

Some pharmacies offer prescription delivery services, which can be especially helpful if you can’t reach the pharmacy in person.

Use an Online Service

Many services offer services that allow you to request repeat prescriptions online. These services often involve having a telehealth consultation with a doctor, after which you can take your prescription to a pharmacy of your choice.

Keep Automatic Refills

Some pharmacies offer automatic refill services, where they’ll refill your prescription for you when it’s due, and you can pick it up at your convenience.

Keep Records

It is wise to track your medication usage and when you need a new prescription. This can help ensure you get all your essential medications.

Remember that the specific process may vary slightly depending on your doctor and pharmacy. 

Maintaining a good relationship with your healthcare provider and pharmacist ensures you receive the right care and medication.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Repeat Prescription Online?

Visiting the doctor is the solution if you have run out of medicines to get a repeat prescription. However, if you could skip the queue and get your prescription delivered instantly after a phone consult, your time and money would be saved.

Getting a repeat prescription online eliminates the hassle of waiting months for an appointment, saving you much time. It will also improve patient safety by reducing the possibility of making errors while prescribing medications. 

It will also save patients and staff time, which means fewer visitors to the practice, reducing footfall and shortening queues, and allowing patients who need a visit an efficient experience.

How to Get Your Repeat Prescription Online with Panraa Clinics?

At Panraa Clinics, with our online repeat prescription service in Australia, you’ll receive e-scripts as a QR code directly on your mobile device. Show this message to any pharmacist in Australia, and they will dispense your medications.

There is no need for paper scripts, postage fees, or waiting for Auspost deliveries. It’s almost instant; once the doctor completes the assessment, scripts are generated and sent to your mobile via email or text. Please ensure your mobile number is correct and can receive text messages, and double-check your email address for accuracy.

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Do You Need a Prescription Refill?

Get a quick repeat prescription online from our licensed AHPRA doctors.

Submit a Repeat Script Request
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Do You Need a Prescription Refill?

Get a quick repeat prescription online from our licensed AHPRA doctors.

Submit a Repeat Script Request


An electronic prescription is a modern and convenient alternative to traditional paper prescriptions, streamlining the process of obtaining medication.

By visiting your doctor or utilizing online services like those provided, patients can access repeat prescriptions efficiently, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

This approach benefits patients and eases the burden on healthcare staff and pharmacies.

With the advent of electronic prescriptions, healthcare has become more accessible and patient-centered, offering a seamless experience.


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